Our History

We have been Madison's favorite video store since 1985, and are now one of its newest cooperatives. One of founder David Smith's goals in opening the store was to make underground, art, foreign and and just plain weird titles available to the public by placing them alongside more mainstream Hollywood films. Throughout our nearly thirty years downtown and through three different ownerships, we have always stayed true to that mission. Former manager Lisa Brennan bought the store from David when he retired in 2003, and was Four Star's owner until August 2014 when she decided to move onto other projects. When we heard that Lisa was leaving, the staff at the time were faced with either seeing the store close or raising money through donation to buy it. We made an appeal to the public and our customers spoke with their money by giving to our IndieGoGo campaign. We were able to use the money we raised to put a down payment on a loan, and Four Star Video Coop was born. We (Andy, Helen, Lewis, Nick) are devoted to making sure you have all the movies you want, and real humans to talk with about them, with affordable options for rental (check out our rates page for more info). So stop by any day of the year to check out our catalog of over 20,000 titles, or use this very website! See you soon.