Subscription Plans
Try our subscription plan, starting at only $20.99 per month! For that price, you get unlimited rentals on our entire catalog, with no due dates on all titles except the First Four Weeks section (items we've had for a month or less). We offer subscription plans of three, four, or five titles at a time, as well as to put damage protection on all your rentals. It's easy to sign up and a great way to get all the titles you want.
Rental Rates
New Arrivals $4.49 2 nights
Library Titles $4.49 5 nights
VHS/DVD Players $9.99 5 nights
Rental Subscription - 3 titles $20.99 per month
Rental Subscription - 4 titles $26.99 per month
Rental Subscription - 5 titles $30.99 per month
Rental Subscription - 6 titles $32.99 per month
Return Times
Rented On: New Arrivals Due On: Library Titles Due On:
Sunday Tuesday Friday
Monday Wednesday Saturday
Tuesday Thursday Sunday
Wednesday Friday Monday
Thursday Saturday Tuesday
Friday Sunday Wednesday
Saturday Monday Thursday