November 06, 2023

Partial Closure on 11/11

Hello Video Angels,

We’ll be closing for part of the day this Saturday, November 11th, from 1:30pm to 4pm. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Thank you,

Four Star Video

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October 02, 2023

Closing early 10/4

Hello Video Angels,

We’ll be closing at 5:30pm on Wednesday, October 4th, so that our staff can help prepare the venue for our screening of Kim’s Video at Arts + Literature Laboratory (111 S Livingston St), which is starting at 7pm. You can get tickets to the event here. Hope to see you there!

-Four Star Video

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September 27, 2023

Kim’s Video screening in 1 week!

Our screening of Kim’s Video at Arts + Literature Laboratory is only a week away! You can check out our event page for more info: or buy tickets here.

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August 02, 2023

KIM’S VIDEO documentary screening

We’re very excited to announce that we will be co-hosting a screening of the documentary Kim’s Video by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin at the Arts + Literature Laboratory on Wednesday, October 4th at 7pm. This screening will be a fundraiser for Four Star. You can read more about it on ALL’s website, or on the Facebook event page and you can buy tickets here or by following the link on either of those pages. If you have any further questions about the screening, please let us know.

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July 12, 2023 - Maxwell Street Days

Hello Video Angels, We’ll be out selling used DVDs two for the price of one again during Maxwell Street Days! We’ll be set up in front of Le C’s Patisserie at 411 State Street, starting tomorrow, Thursday the 13th and going through Sunday the 16th. We’ll be out from 9am to 6pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday. We also want to remind everyone that our store hours will be shortened so we can focus on making sales at the booth. We’ll be closed Thursday, and open 2pm to 6pm Friday and Saturday, and 1pm to 5pm Sunday. We hope to see you out there!

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12pm - 7pm Mon - Wed
in-store browsing and curbside

closed Thurs

12pm - 7pm Fri - Sun
in-store browsing and curbside

459 W Gilman Street, Madison WI

Coming Attractions


Any Which Way You Can
Boyfriends And Girlfriends (Blu Ray only)
Dom Hemingway (Blu Ray only)
Found Footage Festival Volume 10
Found Footage Festival presents: Strange Men (VHS only)
Four Adventures Of Reinette and Mirabelle (Blu Ray only)
Hail Caesar (‘94)
A Haunting In Venice
Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny (DVD & Blu Ray)
The Kill Room
Saturn Bowling
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2


Cat City (Blu Ray only)
Happer’s Comet (Blu Ray only)
Head Of State
Honeymoon In Vegas
The House That Dripped Blood (Blu Ray only)
La Guerre Est Finie (Blu Ray only)
Let There Be Light
The Man From Rome
Master Of None Season 1
Messiah Of Evil (Blu Ray)
Plan 75
The Sandman: Season 1
Squaring The Circle: The Story Of Hipgnosis (Blu Ray only)
Will Your Heart Beat Faster? (Blu Ray only)
Yes, God, Yes
You Can Live Forever (Blu Ray only)


Andrzej Zulawski: The Masters Of Cinema Series box set (The Third Part Of The Night, The Devil (‘72), On The Silver Globe, Escape To The Silver Globe)(Region B Blu Ray only, 4 discs rented separately)
The Edge Of The World (Blu Ray only)
The Eight Mountains (Criterion)
The Expendables 4
Godland (Criterion)
Oppenheimer (DVD & Blu Ray)
Saw X
Tori And Lokita (Criterion)
UFOs: It Has Begun
The Unknown Country
The White Lotus Season 2


The Aviator’s Wife (Blu Ray)
Blue Steel (Blu Ray only)
The Equalizer 3
I Heard The Bells
Jackie Chan: Emergence Of A Superstar box set (Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu/ Spiritual Kung Fu, The Fearless Hyena/ Fearless Hyena II, The Young Master, My Lucky Stars)(Criterion, Blu Ray only, 4 discs rented separately)
Justified: City Primeval Season 1
The Nun II
Showing Up (Blu Ray only)
Sound Of Freedom
Spirited Away: Live On Stage (Blu Ray only)


Early Short Films Of The French New Wave (Blu Ray only, 2 discs rented separately)
Gran Turismo
Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies Season 1
I Am Fear
It Lives Inside
Operation Napoleon
Roise & Frank
T.R. Baskin (DVD & Blu Ray)
Vice Squad (Blu Ray only)
Visitors From The Arkana Galaxy (Blu Ray only)
What Doesn’t Float (Blu Ray only)


Blue Beetle
A Christmas Story Christmas
Compassionate Spy
Fugue (Blu Ray only)
The Haunted Mansion (‘23)
The Hard Part Begins (Blu Ray only)
Jack ('96)
Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part One (DVD & Blu Ray)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3
Nanny (Criterion)
Retribution ('23 DVD & Blu Ray)
Ride On
Sirens ('22)

Staff Picks

Adam says:
the only horror movie Happy Madison ever produced (unless you count Hubie Halloween)

Al says:
do you remember when we met?

Amber says:
This movie is both highly original and thought-provoking. It is both uplifting and tragic. It poses questions regarding love, community and happiness and is completely engrossing. There are some allegories with polar ice caps and ancient beasts which I don’t fully understand but in no way does that affect my enjoyment of the film. In fact, it makes me want to watch it more! The powerful performances by mostly non-professional natives of Louisiana feel greatly authentic and the score is superb. I urge you to watch this film and discuss your thoughts with me, or just watch the film and immerse yourself within its fantastical dreamscape!

Isabelle says:
the French were in the old west like everybody else

Lewis says:
I'll show the life of the mind (it's really scary)