November 22, 2020 - Closed Thanksgiving

Hello Video Angels,
We want to let you know that our normal 6pm to 7pm pickup window won’t be offered this coming Thursday (Thanksgiving Day).

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November 12, 2020 - Temporary Suspension of In-Store browsing

Hello Video Angels,
This past weekend, one of our staff members was exposed to someone who later tested positive for Covid-19. As a result, we will have to adjust our hours for the next two weekends and suspend in-store browsing during that time. The circumstances of the exposure lead us to believe that risk to customers who rented over the weekend if negligible, but this staff member will quarantine for 14 days in accordance with CDC guidelines.

The operating hours for the next two weeks will be:

Thursday 6pm to 7pm Curbside only
Friday 2pm to 7pm Curbside and Delivery
Saturday 2pm to 4:30pm Curbside only
Sunday 2pm to 4:30pm Curbside only
Monday 6pm to 7pm Curbside only

We hope to resume normal in-store browsing hours when this 14 day quarantine is over, provided this staff member doesn’t test positive for Covid-19. We want all of our staff and customers to remain healthy and safe. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

Thank you,
Four Star Video

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September 09, 2020 - Response to COVID-19 Spike in Downtown area

Hello Video Angels,
If you read the local news, you’ve probably seen reports of the rise in new COVID-19 cases in the downtown area, especially around the UW Campus. As a downtown business, we feel it’s necessary to address this issue.

We currently plan to be open for our normal in-store browsing hours, noon to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, but we’re prepared to temporarily suspend in-store browsing if we feel it becomes necessary. This will probably happen on short notice if it does occur.

We will keep our current curbside pickup hours (Monday and Thursday 6pm to 7pm, Friday 2pm to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 4:30-7pm) until further notice. We will continue to offer delivery on Friday as well. If you have any concerns about coming downtown or being in an enclosed space, please utilize these services.

Finally, if you feel ill or think you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please do not visit the store until you feel you are in good health.

Thanks and hope to see you all at a safe distance soon,
Four Star Video

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September 07, 2020 - Store Hours and Policies

Hello Video Angels,
We just wanted to have all of our current policies in one easy to access place:
Store Hours:
Monday 6pm to 7pm Curbside Only
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 6pm to 7pm Curbside Only
Friday 2pm to 7pm Curbside & Delivery only
Saturday 12pm to 4pm In-store Browsing, 4:30pm-7pm Curbside pickup
Sunday 12pm to 4pm In-store Browsing, 4:30pm-7pm Curbside pickup

Curbside policies:
Please call (608)255-1994 and leave a voicemail or email to place a pickup order. Please DO NOT use any social media platform to place a pickup order, we can’t guarantee we will receive the notification in time. Please give as much advance notice as possible, but we have been able to accommodate the majority of same-day orders so far. When ordering, please include your full name, desired titles and desired pickup time. Please provide backups in case some of your desired titles aren’t in stock, so we don’t have to contact you multiple times to fill your order. If your desired pickup time is already claimed or you don’t provide a pickup time, we will pick one for you. Please confirm that you are aware of your pickup time via phone or email. If we don’t have your credit card information on file, we will call you to charge your card before your scheduled pickup time.

When making a pickup, we will hang your items in a plastic bag on the door handle of our suite. If you have returns, please use the return slot in the bottom of our suite door. If you don’t feel comfortable entering the building, please let us know and we will bring your items to the exterior door instead. Please don’t enter the suite during curbside pickup hours.

Delivery policies:

Delivery is on Fridays only. Please get your delivery order via phone or email by Thursday at midnight. Please provide your name, address, phone number and desired titles in your delivery order. We will call you when we have arrived at your home. If you have any returns, please leave them on your door or another accessible place for the delivery driver.

In-store polices:

Only one customer is allowed inside for in-store browsing at a time. If the store is currently occupied, please wait in the hallway. If the door is locked, please knock so we can be aware someone is waiting. When you enter, you will be expected to wear a mask at all time, sanitize your hands upon entry and place all items you touch (regardless of whether you are renting them or not) to be placed on a cart we will provide to you. Please be as brief as possible with in-store browsing so we can accommodate other customers.

Thank you,
Four Star Video

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August 11, 2020 - Expanded In-store Browsing this weekend

Hello Video Angels,
We’re going to be offering more in store browsing hours this weekend. The browsing hours will now be noon to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s a full breakdown of current store hours:
Thursday 6 to 7pm Curbside pickup only
Friday 2pm to 7pm Curbside pickup and Delivery only
Saturday 12pm to 4pm In-store browsing, 4:30 to 7pm Curbside Pickup
Sunday 12pm to 4pm In-store browsing, 4:30 to 7pm Curbside Pickup
Monday 6pm to 7pm Curbside pickup only

Due to a limited budget as well as availability of staff and volunteers, this is likely to remain our permanent schedule for the foreseeable future. We will of course notify you if there are any further changes.

Thanks and hope to see you all this weekend,
Four Star Video

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Open Noon to 8pm
Thursday to Tuesday

459 W Gilman Street, Madison WI

Coming Attractions

November 27

Better Call Saul Season 5
Corporate Animals
Cruel Jaws
I Start Counting (Blu Ray only)
Intrigo: The Death Of An Author
The Irishman (Criterion)
Iron Mask
The Killing Floor
My Fireplace Girl: Yule Log Lover
Notes On An Appearance
Ordinary Love
Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula (DVD & Blu Ray)

November 19

I Was At Home, But
Moonstruck (Criterion Blu Ray)
New Mutants
The Prairie Trilogy (Prairie Fire/Rebel Earth/Survivor)
We Are Little Zombies
Westworld Season 3

November 12

Bill & Ted Face The Music
Burst City (Blu Ray only)
Girlfriends (Criterion)
Metamorphosis (Blu Ray only)
Mulan (‘20, DVD & Blu Ray)
The Other Side Of Madness
A Rainy Day In New York
Schitt’s Creek: The Complete Series
Tequila Sunrise

November 5

Alphabet City (Blu Ray only)
The Argument
Ema (Blu Ray only)
Fleabag Season 2
Force Of Nature
Hale County This Morning, This Evening
The Mask Of Dimitrios
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda
The Spongebob Musical: Live On Stage
The Wild Pear Tree

October 29

Absurd Accident
Hack-O-Lantern (DVD & Blu Ray)
Lemora: A Child’s Tale Of The Supernatural
Monkey Shines
Paperhouse/ The Death Of Ritchie
Parasite (Criterion Blu Ray)
The Sonata
Wolfman’s Got Nards

October 23

Between Worlds
Collision Course
Cut Throat City
Death Laid An Egg (DVD & Blu Ray)
The Great Season 1
The Gunfighter (Criterion)
My Neighbor Totoro (Blu Ray)
Picture Mommy Dead
Princess Mononoke (Blu Ray)
The Vanished

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Friendship, like fundamentalist Christianity, is difficult.

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ok so this pick is actually for Edward Penishands but porn titles don't display in our online catalog so this is the next best thing, Edward Penishands won't make sense without having seen this first anyways.

Helen says:
Billy Joel related fatalities have slowly declined since 1987, but there are still a few every year.

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Julianne Moore is great and all, but you really need to see the original.

Nick P says:
did you know that caramel can get stale? even INSIDE a cadbury egg?

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