June 10, 2024

Wednesdays Are Back!

Hello Video Angels,

We’re very excited to announce that starting this Wednesday, June 12th, we will officially be open on Wednesdays from noon to 7pm again! Big thanks and congratulations to our new employee C Nelson-Lifson for completing their training, stop by to say hello to them on Wednesdays and Sundays!


Four Star Video

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May 14, 2024

Movie Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello Video Angels,

Many of you will remember our former employee, Robert Doerr, who now lives in the Netherlands. He’s currently involved in an independent film production that’s raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign. Here’s how Robert describes the project:

“Two Truths and a Lie tells the story of a casual evening between friends that takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger appears at the door. You can contribute to the production of this comedy/thriller by donating to the film’s IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaign (! The campaign offers many rewards that allow you to be directly involved in the film’s production and be credited in the film and on IMDB. Among other things, you can be a funding producer, have your original art/music appear in key scenes in the film, be an official company sponsor, and even be one of the executive producers! Please consider supporting this exciting project and spread the word!”

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April 17, 2024

Closed Wednesdays

We want to let you know that starting next Wednesday, April 24th, we’ll no longer be open on Wednesdays. Unfortunately our current staff will have other work commitments at that time, but we’re working on getting new staff members trained in and hope to be open again on Wednesdays once that training is complete, which may take a few months. During this interim period, we’re going to aim for announcing next week’s titles on the Tuesday before they’re released, barring a shipping delay that would prevent being certain about which titles will be available.

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April 03, 2024

WFF Hours & Events

Hello Video Angels,
First off, we want to let you know we’ll be closed next Wednesday, April 10th so our staff can attend screenings at the Wisconsin Film Festival. The festival starts tomorrow, we highly encourage you to attend. Our owner Lewis Peterson is on the Golden Badger Jury this year, he’ll be presenting the awards tomorrow night! He’ll also be appearing on Mel & Floyd’s live broadcast from the Bartell Theater on Friday the 5th at 1pm!

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November 06, 2023

Partial Closure on 11/11

Hello Video Angels,

We’ll be closing for part of the day this Saturday, November 11th, from 1:30pm to 4pm. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Thank you,

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12pm - 7pm Mon - Wed
in-store browsing and curbside

closed Thurs

12pm - 7pm Fri - Sun
in-store browsing and curbside

459 W Gilman Street, Madison WI

Coming Attractions


The Brotherhood Of Satan
The Burglars (Blu Ray only)
Chosen Survivors/The Earth Dies Screaming
Cisco Pike (Region B Blu Ray only)
The Corpse Grinders
Dogman (‘24 Blu Ray only)
Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
Eve ('62 Region B Blu Ray only)
God’s Own Country
Housekeeping (Blu Ray only)
Jeanne Moreau: Filmmaker (Lumiere/The Adolescent/Lillian Gish)(Blu ray only)
Mars Express (Blu Ray only)
Modern Romance (Blu Ray)
Orca: The Killer Whale
Querelle (Criterion, DVD & Blu Ray)
Screaming Skull/Giant Leeches
Typhoon Club (Blu Ray only)
Victims Of Sin (Criterion)
Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Price


The Animal Kingdom
Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire (DVD & Blu Ray)
The Great Land Of Small (Blu Ray only)
A Prince
Remembering Gene Wilder
Sasquatch Sunset
Whore (Blu Ray only)


5000 Space Aliens
Bad Fever
Club Zero
Door (‘88 Blu Ray only)
Door 2: Tokyo Diary (Blu Ray only)
I Am Cuba (Criterion Blu Ray)
La Chimera (Blu Ray only)
The Last Slumber Party (Blu Ray only)
May December (DVD & Blu Ray)
Trenque Lauquen (Blu Ray only)
Your Daily Hour With Me Episode 441 (VHS only)


All That Breathes (Criterion)
The American Society Of Magical Negroes
Anatomy Of A Fall (Criterion)
Arthur The King
Bob Marley: One Love
Fitting In
Io Capitano
Knox Goes Away (DVD & Blu Ray)
Kung Fu Panda 4
Man’s Castle (Blu Ray)
Mom n Pop: The Indie Video Store Boom of the 80s/90s (Blu Ray only)
Red Right Hand
Sleeping Dogs
World War III (Blu Ray only)


Coup De Chance
De Humani Corporis Fabrica
The Kingdom Trilogy (Includes The Kingdom Series 1, The Kingdom Series 2, and The Kingdom: Exodus) (Blu Ray only, 7 discs rented separately)
Sailor Suit & Machine Gun (Blu Ray only)
The Shadowless Tower
She Is Conann (DVD & Blu Ray)


Dune: Part 2 (DVD & Blu Ray)
Huesera: The Bone Woman (Blu Ray only)
Jobe'z World (Blu Ray only)
Land Of Bad
Love Life
My Adventures With Superman Season 1
One Life

Staff Picks

Al says:
RIP Norman Jewison

Amber says:
The combination of portraiture and film-making creates interesting thoughts about the gaze of the viewer, and tensions between subject and object persist throughout the film. At its heart though, this period piece is a love story and the engine of any feminist politics is art. Set in 18th century France, the story follows a painter and her unbeknownst subject who end up having a passionate, yet brief and ultimately forbidden love affair. The majority of the film takes place during a couple of glorious weeks when we barely even glimpse male characters lending a strong sense of sisterhood and community. The settings are beautiful too, both costuming and cinematography. All in all, a great viewing experience!

C says:
Loosely based on a true story of a serial killer targeting gay men, many people protested during the filming and release of Cruising in 1980, due to the idea that a gay person could be targeting members of their own community. In 2024, we can acknowledge that when there are few examples of representation of marginalized communities, it is easy to be upset at potentially problematic portrayals. They filmed the club scenes in real leather bars, and real members of the leather scene can be seen in the background. In the following decade, many of these people would end up dying due to complications from AIDS, so Cruising can be seen as a pseudo documentary of unique gay subculture, in addition to being a alluring and ominous genre film.

Isabelle says:
colonialism can get into your bones

Lewis says:
society can be the greatest prison of all