Invention for Destruction
Original title: Vynález zkázy
Robert said on 2021-09-01:
Inspired by the stories of Jules Verne, this steampunk fantasy by Czech filmmaker Karel Zeman is a must-see for anyone who is interested in pre-CGI visual effects. Zeman used an ingenious blend of matte paintings, set design, animation, miniatures, and other techniques to remarkable effect: each shot in this film looks like an engraved illustration from a 19th century novel that has come to life!

Director: Karel Zeman, Milan Vácha, Jiří Tarantík, Zdeněk Rozkopal Writer: Jules Verne, Karel Zeman, František Hrubín, Jiří Brdečka
Run time: 83 minutes Release date: 1958-08-22
Floor location: Foreign Format: DVD
Production Countries: Czechoslovakia
Spoken Languages: Český
As the world progresses into the industrial age, a professor studying the "nature of pure matter" is spirited away by a would-be dictator and connived into building a super-bomb, as a young reporter and a girl rescued from the sea attempt to warn him of their mutual kidnapper's intentions to dominate the world with a new and more-deadly-yet weapon.

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