What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?

Director: William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, David Bridges, Mark Vicente Writer:
Run time: 109 minutes Release date: 2004-04-23
Floor location: Documentary Format: DVD
Production Countries: United States of America
Spoken Languages: Český
Amanda is a divorced woman who makes a living as a photographer. During the Fall of the year Amanda begins to see the world in new and different ways when she begins to question her role in life, her relationships with her career and men and what it all means. As the layers to her everyday experiences fall away insertions in the story with scientists, and philosophers and religious leaders impart information directly to an off-screen interviewer about academic issues, and Amanda begins to understand the basis to the quantum world beneath. During her epiphany as she considers the Great Questions raised by the host of inserted thinkers, she slowly comprehends the various inspirations and begins to see the world in a new way.

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