The Howl
Original title: L'urlo
Lewis said on 2023-05-01:
a surreal journey from Milan to somewhere else in Italy

Director: Bruno Nicolai, Silvano Ippoliti, Tinto Brass, Franco Longo, Nico D'Alessandria, Giorgio Patrono, Alan Sekers Writer: Tinto Brass, Franco Longo
Run time: 93 minutes Release date: 1970-05-01
Floor location: Foreign Format: DVD
Production Countries: Italy
Spoken Languages: Italiano
A young bride escapes her wedding ceremony with a stranger and together they set off on an epic journey though increasingly bizarre lands. They encounter talking animals and mournful exhibitionists, converse with a discoursing rock, journey through a surrealist's psychedelic hotel, instigate a prison riot, escape from naked cannibals living in a tree and battle a wind-up midget dictator!

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