Slumber Party Massacre II
Robert said on 2021-06-05:
A campy, outrageous satire of slasher movie conventions produced by Roger Corman. This movie is set in a bizarre Californian alternate reality where teenagers are visibly adults, reality and hallucinations merge, and guitars are instruments of murder. Gets off to a slow start, but the last 20 minutes make the experience worth it

Director: Thomas L. Callaway, Deborah Brock Writer: Deborah Brock
Run time: 75 minutes Release date: 1987-10-30
Floor location: Horror Format: DVD
Production Countries: United States of America
Spoken Languages: English
Courtney, the sister of a survivor from the 1st movie and the members of her rock band go to a condo for the weekend to play music and have fun with their boyfriends. Courtney's dreams are of her sister, who is in a mental institution, warning her of having sex, and the dreams begin to spill into real life, threatening Courtney and her friends as they begin experiencing an attrition problem.

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